Top 8 Heaviest Dog Breeds in the World

Imagine having a furry friend by your side, but not just any friend – a gentle giant! In the canine world, there are breeds that defy the norms of size, exhibiting remarkable heft and strength. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to discover the top 8 heaviest dog breeds that leave us in awe of their magnificent stature and lovable personalities.

English Mastiff

Our list begins with the English Mastiff, a true titan among dogs. This colossal breed can tip the scales at an astounding 220 pounds! Despite their imposing size, these gentle giants are known for their docile nature and unwavering loyalty. Picture having a living, breathing teddy bear as your companion – that’s the English Mastiff for you!

Saint Bernard

Next up, we have the Saint Bernard, a breed famous for its role as a rescue dog in the Alps. These big-hearted dogs can weigh up to 200 pounds, making them not only a source of comfort but also a reliable guardian. Picture a furry rescue hero, always ready to lend a paw – that’s the Saint Bernard.

Tibetan Mastiff

Venturing into the Himalayas, we encounter the majestic Tibetan Mastiff. Known for their thick, lion-like manes, these dogs can reach weights of 180 pounds. Imagine having a loyal guardian that blends seamlessly into the mountainous landscapes – the Tibetan Mastiff personifies strength and regality.


Dive into the waters of Newfoundland, and you’ll find a breed that’s equally adept on land as it is in the sea. Weighing around 150 pounds, the Newfoundland is a gentle giant with a water-resistant coat, making it the perfect companion for aquatic adventures. Picture a fluffy, four-legged lifeguard – that’s the Newfoundland.


In the realm of canine royalty, the Leonberger reigns supreme. Weighing up to 170 pounds, these majestic dogs were originally bred to resemble lions. With their thick, golden mane and gentle disposition, Leonbergers embody the perfect blend of strength and grace – a true aristocrat among dogs.

Irish Wolfhound

Take a journey to the lush landscapes of Ireland, and you’ll encounter the Irish Wolfhound, a breed with a rich history as a wolf hunter. Weighing around 140 pounds, these gentle giants have a heart as large as their frame. Envision having a loyal, Irish companion by your side – that’s the Irish Wolfhound.


Step into the world of guardians, and you’ll find the Bullmastiff – a breed known for its protective instincts. Weighing up to 130 pounds, these dogs are a perfect blend of power and agility. Imagine having a loyal sentinel ensuring your safety – that’s the Bullmastiff.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Our journey concludes with the Neapolitan Mastiff, a breed that traces its roots to ancient Rome. Weighing around 150 pounds, these dogs are characterized by their distinctive wrinkled appearance. Picture a living work of art, blending history and strength – that’s the Neapolitan Mastiff.


In the world of dogs, size truly does matter, and these top 8 heaviest dog breeds exemplify the magnificence that comes with considerable stature. From gentle giants to regal protectors, each breed brings a unique blend of strength, loyalty, and charm, making them not just pets but cherished members of our families.

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